Suicide Squad Trailer Breakdown

Suicide Squad Trailer Breakdown

The trailer has been out for quite a few hours, so I have decided that this is the right time to do the breakdown. I have little time to myself today but what time I have, half of it has been spent watching this trailer, it is a great trailer and has made me more excited for the film, which I didn’t think could be more possible. Link to trailer will be at the bottom of the post.

Firstly we start the trailer with the Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody, which let me tell you is perfect for this. For the teaser trailer they had a Bee Gees song and this time Queen, it fits perfectly with the tone of this film. We see the prison that the villains are being held at, maybe not all of them, just one or two but anyways.

Captain Boomerang is yelling to be let out and of course he isn’t. Then we get a shot of Harley Quinn, just sipping on some tea? and reading a book, maybe she is on some drugs? but I highly doubt that. Next is Deadshot, looking out his window while it is raining, I am feeling a flashback here with him and his daughter. Next up is Killer Croc, now while watching the trailer normally it goes too quick to see but stopping the trailer. It is Killer Croc, doing press-ups, because to the side of him there is a little pool? I guess you could call it. Then we see El-Diablo *deadman* sorry don’t know what happened there, he is just showing us he can use fire. Then we get this beautiful shot of Boomerang.


Now we have Amanda Waller with some important Military men, I am guessing about setting up the Suicide Squad. Then some colorful logos of DC and Warner Brothers. We see now that Amanda Waller is having the villains broken out of prision, by faking their deaths. Clearly Deadshot knows what is coming because he is ready to fight them. I feel like this is straight after the scene with him looking at the rain. Of course he loses the fight. Then we see how El-Diablo gets out, he is in a tank with water, because obviously he has fire, duh. Now we have Hannibal Lecter, sorry I mean Killer Croc, I take the piss I like how he looks here and they are taking no risks with Killer Croc, too right they shouldn’t.


Now we see Captain Boomerang has been placed in a body bag of sorts and doesn’t like it, not one bit and the second he gets out he smacks the first person he sees. Then we get a flash of Slipknot trying the same thing *definitely a deadman* sorry something keeps coming over me. Now we have Harley Quinn, being her good old self, I mean who doesn’t love Harley? Now Rick Flagg, talking about the different members off the Squad, basically this will be a exposition part of the film, which is needed. Rick Flagg will be in charge of the Squad and has a bracelet like a Pip Boy from Fallout to kill any of them if they deviate from the mission.

First he says “Deadshot, a guy who shoots people” I mean yeh pretty much, not else to him really. “Hes a Crocodile and he eats people” then we see that pool again from earlier on to kill someone, this will be when they are breaking him out, they go in and can’t find him some idiot gets too close and kills him, hence why they muzzle him. “Burns people” talking about El-Diablo. “possessed by a Witch” talking about Enchantress. Finally “and shes just crazy” again yeh pretty much.

just crazy

Then in typical Harley fashion she has a crazy moment, when they are taken and being briefed I assume she says “what was that, I should kill everyone and escape” then she smiles. “Sorry, the voices” then “hahaha I’m kidding, that’s not what they really said.” She is a mad one. While Harley is saying this we see Scott Eastwood, now I feel like you don’t get Scott Eastwood to play a second in command. There are rumors that he is playing Dick Grayson A.K.A Nightwing A.K.A the first Robin. Apparently he is undercover and him and Batman aren’t best friends anymore.

scott eastwood

Now we get Rick Flagg telling the squad what is happening, the forming of the squad. Shots of Helicopters, then a shot of some military, and in the background is a downed plane. My guess is that this military is with Rick Flagg, keep that in mind because that comes important later.

Now we see the squad stood there, just saying there is no Slipknot *DEADMAN!* Some more shots of the squad working with Flagg and the military. We also see some black liquid stuff like Venom or the monster from Resident Evil. Deadshot shooting and we see he is using his wristguns or what ever they are called. Then Harley Quinn in a lift, maybe they were shooting at her and it is a possibility but I doubt it. More flashes of the squad killing, Harley using a pistol, deadshot with his helmet on, Boomerang doing something to kill someone, Croc beating someone down. Now we have the character I am most looking forward to, maybe in the whole year, Leto’s Joker.

Joker #2

We see Joker being broken out of Arkham, by some thugs wearing masks etc. Then another money shot of Joker. As you can see, I feel this Joker will be the full psychopath Joker, unhinged.

Joker #3

Now we have Joker and Harley riding in a Lamborghini. I feel 95% sure that this is the start of the film, like after the start of the logos we see this. They are driving away from Batman, clearly they have done something bad. Another Joker shot, showing he is mad.

Joker #1

We have Katana looking perfect with the sword with the souls coming off it, yes please. Now Deadshot is showing off, setting up a gun and Amanda Waller is in the background, maybe this is while they are training. El-Diablo is yelling about something maybe he will die here. Now one of the funny parts of the trailer and shows me this will be the Guardians of the Galaxy for DC, because Boomerang is drinking a can while a fight is going on.


We see Harley and it looks like she maybe tied up and forced to act, I don’t know it looks like it maybe. Now a Helicopter is shooting some flares off. more quick flashes with the words, Worst Heroes Ever. Then we get this and I am confused. My guess is maybe Enchantress is the villain and she controls the military so it is the Suicide Squad versus all.

havnet a clue

Now Killer Croc with no top on, I am guessing that this is straight after or before Katana pulls her Katana out, maybe they will fight here. They are the Suicide Squad there has to be in fighting.

Killer Croc

More of Deadshot fighting with his wristguns. A quick flash of another black liquid type of thing. Then we see Enchantress before she was controlled by a witch. El-Diablo is shooting lots of fire at a floor of a building. Now we see that Joker is truly insane, he is diving into a pool of acid, like I am sorry what? Then we see Joker in the bath of acid with Harley, this is when I feel he is burning her skin with acid and there is hair dye in there as well. Again Joker, looking like a pimp, my guess this is in Arkham after he breaks out because the corridor and the walls look the same as when he is being broken out.


Lots more quick flashes of action, Harley jumping to some rope and an explosion. But the trailer ends with the squad walking past a store and Harley breaks in and steals some jewlery and says “were bad guys, its what we do” perfect way to end it. I feel like this is a perfect trailer and shows off the tone and what to expect while teasing me with Joker. Tell me what you all think of the trailer, Tweet me, go to my Facebook Page or comment below, thanks.

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Suicide Squad Trailer




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