Star Wars Episode VIII Delayed

Star Wars Episode VIII Delayed

Yes as you can tell by the title of the post, Star Wars Episode VIII has been delayed. I came out of Episode VII thinking and saying I only have 17 months to wait, now I have to wait 24. The film has bee pushed back from its original release date of May 2017.

The film has been pushed back to December of 2017, now I had heard this a few hours ago, maybe 12 or so but I decided to wait and get an official word for Lucasfilm and they announced it. The film I have no doubt has been pushed back because of the amount of money they can make during this month. I can fanboy moan all I want that I want it early but it is a joke. I can wait till December of 2017 for the next episode of the saga. I can’t blame them either, I mean come on its a business and the chance to make more money they will take it.

I can’t wait for Episode VIII, especially with how the Force Awakens ended, like cock tease much. The film now has a release date of December 2017, but till then we have The Force Awakens on blu ray around June time, then Rogue One this December. Anyway tell me what you think of this and are you excited for the next episode of the saga, Tweet me, go to my Facebook Page or comment below, thanks.

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