Art shown at the DC Event!! Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman and Batman!

Art shown at the DC Event!! Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman and Batman!

Here we are again with another DC post. This won’t be the last today either because of the trailer and footage we got and believe me, posts on them coming soon. Here we have all the art from the show last night. From Aquaman, Flash, Batman v Superman and a Justice League Art piece.

I will have every picture below here, as you can see. Well I mean there isn’t much to talk about here. The art shows characters like Cyborg played by Ray Fisher, The Flash played by Ezra Miller, Aquaman played by Jason Momoa.

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If you didn’t know anything about the new characters, well I will give you some background on them. Firstly we have Cyborg, otherwise known as Victor Stone. Victor Stone is a young man who is a great American Football player (I’m from the UK) and he ends up in an accident and his father can save him the only way he can. His father is a scientist and in order to save his son, he applies technology and software to his son to save him, basically injecting his son with nano-technology. Next we have Aquaman, Arthur Curry a character who people took the piss out of for years and me included in that demographic, then I read the new 52 Aquaman run, played Injustice Gods Among us and read the Injustice Gods Among us comic, year one mostly. He is in charge of the seas and basically controls 75% of the world. He must learn to be a king of the ocean and learn to protect man as he is from both worlds. Flash is next, Flash is a character that has recently became very popular from his TV show, which is great, go watch it. Flash also known as Barry Allen, his mother is killed and his father is sent to prison being blamed for her death. He becomes a forensic scientist in order to prove his father’s innocence. One day while working on an experiment, there is a lightning bolt that hits him and turns him into the Flash. I hope you have enjoyed this and be sure to tell me if you have seen the art and what you think of it, Tweet me, go to my Facebook Page or comment below, thanks.

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