Again as I promised another DC post, and this time it is a big one, we have a look at the Justice League, in preparation for tonight’s big event DC have released a poster/art for The Justice League film.

It looks great, it gives us out first look at Cyborg and Flash, they look like Flash and Cyborg. I mean there isn’t much else to say. But come on its the Justice League, like yeh I was over the moon seeing the Avengers, something I never thought I would see. But DC is something that means so much more than me and Justice League is something I got gitty at when it was announced. Why not I am going through in some Batman v Superman Art as well.

BVS art

I love how they all look, Aquaman also looks amazing and I mean come on I do love how the whole league look. Now something that stands out after looking at this for more than a few seconds, I notice that there is no Green Lantern. Now maybe he isn’t in Justice League Part One and maybe he is in Part Two. I don’t know, but anyways tell me what you think of the poster, Tweet, go to my Facebook or comment below, thanks.

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