Darth Vader in Rogue One?

Darth Vader in Rogue One?

The brilliant minds over at makingstarwars.net have done it again. They are saying that the dark lord himself will be in A Star Wars Story Rogue One. James earl Jones will also be returning to the voice.

This news is great, now for me personally I had already assumed, that the dark lord would be in the film, that may have been stupid of me to assume but non the less. It is within the perfect time frame for Darth Vader to return. James earl Jones will also be returning to voice the character, which is no suprise also because he also voiced the character in the animated show Star Wars Rebels. Please may I say, I still hate the name A Star Wars Story, I really did prefer the name Star Wars Anthology.

If Darth Vader does indeed return to the universe then I hope we could possibly see other characters that we know in this film. I know there is a rumor that Felicity Jones is playing Boba Fett’s daughter, that rumor makes me want to cry. We could maybe see the man himself Grand Moff Tarkin, I feel like he has quite a high percentage of chance to be in the film and espically if Darth Vader is in there, then I feel that only helps the chances of sewing Tarkin. I doubt we will see the emperor, a definite mention and a slight chance of a hologram appearance.

I can’t wait for rogue one, it is the number one most anticipated film of 2016 for me, (this being the man who has literally waited half of my life for a batman v superman film.) Sorry I have been a Star Wars can longer. Please do tell me what you all think of Darth Vader’s triumphant return and are you excited for the film? Tweet me, go to my Facebook Page or comment below, thanks.

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