Creed Sequel date rumored?

Creed Sequel date rumored?

Well Creed is releasing here in the UK, in just a few days and I have already seen the film (review up soon) (dirty plug I know.) But the film was released earlier in North America, last November I believe.

Everyone seems quite pleased with how Creed worked out and me personally I love the film, it was everything I was expecting and more. It is film that showed off the brilliant talents of everyone involved, people like Michael B Jordan, Sylvester Stallone is beyond amazing in this film but the star of the film is the director Ryan Coogler.

Anyways you want to know about the sequel, well according to Variety, the release date for the film will be in November 2017! Now take this with a grain of salt but let’s go under the assumption it is true then this is brilliant.

The reason this is brilliant because it means we get a sequel a lot sooner than I thought, now a big downer of this is that Ryan Coogler will be unable to direct the sequel because he is directing the new Marvel film Black Panther. I hope Ryan Coogler is involved in someway but they need to do a sequel soon. If for no other reason than Sylvester Stallone is getting older and we don’t know how many more he could do. So there isn’t much more I can say about this, keep an eye for my review soon (again all of these plugs are just everywhere.) Are you excited for the sequel, have you seen Creed, tell me what you thought, Tweet me, go to my Facebook page or comment below, thanks.

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