Easter Eggs & References in Star Wars The Force Awakens

Easter Eggs & References in Star Wars The Force Awakens

Well here I am again with another Star Wars post, but come on what do you expect. Here I am going to be talking about a lot of the Easter Eggs, References and anything I noticed. POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!

Here we go with the Easter Eggs, References and anything I noticed. And Here We Go. Again Possible Spoilers!!

During any scene with Supreme Leader Snoke we hear a slight part of his theme, Now if that theme sounds familiar at all then that is because during Episode III The Revenge of the Sith, we hear the same theme when Darth Sidious is talking about his master Darth Plageuis, maybe another hint to him being Darth Plagueis, LET ME DREAM, dammit. I will have links to the both soundtracks at the bottom.


Another Darth Plagueis Easter eggs, is that when Ben is talking to Han Solo, he says that Snoke is wise and does that sound familiar … no well let me tell you. Again in the Opera scene, Darth Sidious says to Anakin, “Have you heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise” LET ME DREAM!

Moving on from Darth Plagueis … for now. During the scene when Rey picks up Anakin’s/Luke’s Lightsaber, called the Forceback. We start off in the corridors of Cloud City. Also we were supposed to see Darth Vader cutting off the hand of Luke Skywalker.

Again in the Forceback scene we see that Kylo Ren is holding his lightsaber and possibly something in his other, possibly Luke’s second Lightsaber. Maybe he doesn’t have one and that is why when he sees his old Saber he is quite confused.

Another bit that I noticed in the Forceback scene we hear Obi Wan Kenobi saying “Rey!” and he also says “These are your first steps.” What is interesting is that the first line is said by Alec Guinness, they split words that he said in the original trilogy to sound like he says Rey. The second line is said by Ewan McGregor, he came in and did the lines, this is why people feel like she is related to Rey.

Obi WanBen

Something else in the Forceback, I promise I’m almost done we see the Knights of Ren and they are surrounded by dead bodies, maybe this is the Training Grounds of the New Jedi Temple, maybe they are surrounded by Luke’s dead pupils.


Finally in the Forceback scene, I promise this is the last one. We hear Yoda say something, I am going to be honest I don’t know what he said. Now you may be saying that mentioning this pointless and you would be correct.

The box that holds Anakin’s/ Luke’s Lightsaber in Maz Kanata’s Cantina is the same box that is in Episode IV A New Hope. During A New Hope, we see that Obi Wan has Anakin’s Lightsaber in a box, well this is the same box that holds the same Lightsaber.


While Rey is being interrogated by Kylo Ren, Ren says he sees the oceans and the Island that Rey imagine to help her sleep at night. Now you may be thinking well that is nothing but where is Luke at the end of the film? An Island surrounded by ocean, maybe the Force has been showing her this all her life. You may again be thinking that is a stretch, and you are right but the face that she has when they are approaching the Island, it looks like she has seen this place before.

Outside of Maz Kanata’s Cantina we see a few flags, 4 that I noticed are interesting. Two of them are Mandalorian related, one is the Mandalorian symbol that we know, the other is the less famous Feather Symbol. The other two are prequel related, one of them are Anakin’s Podracing Flag from The Phantom Menace, the other is also from The Phantom Menace, it is Sebulba’s Podracing Flag.

mandalorianmandalorian 2


Something that I have not seen anyone else talking about it is after the Forceback scene Maz and Rey are talking. Maz takes Rey’s hand and tells her that who ever she is waiting for isn’t coming back for her. Well wrapped around her wrist is another prequel reference, wrapped around her wrist is the necklace that Anakin made for Padme. There are more prequel reference that people don’t know.


Now this is a personal theory of mine, now regardless of whether Rey is Luke’s daughter or not, I feel like it is more or less guaranteed that she trained in the Force when she was younger and maybe she was dropped off by Luke or someone else. Now I like most people had guessed that the staff that Rey must mean something because she always has it, even at the end with Luke. Now many, like I had guessed maybe it is Darth Plaeguis’s staff, I Won’t let it die. If it isn’t his staff/Lightsaber then I feel like she trained with this staff or another staff at the Jedi Temple and that is why she is so well equipped with the staff, maybe she was training to have a double bladed Lightsaber, just a theory of mine.


Now one of the first time’s we see Rey she is sat outside of her home, aka AT-AT (side note how cool is that) she has a old Rebel helmet, many guess maybe it is Luke’s I highly doubt it. But the words on the helmet translate to “Rhae” not the way we would spell Rey. Maybe Rey isn’t her real name and she got it from that, I don’t know.

When on the Millennium Falcon, Finn is going through some boxes I guess. He find the Jedi Training Sphere, the same one that Luke trains with in A New Hope when Han says that he doesn’t believe in the Force.


Finn’s name when he was a Stormtrooper was FN-2187 now you maybe saying that is pointless but guess what in A New Hope we find out that Princess Leia is held in Cell 2187.

There are plenty of cameos in the film, I am just going to mention the two that everyone is talking about, firstly Simon Pegg is in the film as the Alien who is giving out rations for scraps, I believe his name is Ugar Plott, no not Jurgen Klopp the Liverpool Manager. The other Cameo is Daniel Craig, he plays the Stormtrooper who is holding Rey captive, when Rey uses the Force to control his mind and leave the cell with the door open, that is Daniel Craig. Also his Stormtrooper tag is JB-007.

There is a line in the film said by Rey, while they are trying to fix the Falcon, Rey says “The Motivator is busted” well that is a line that is familiar to A New Hope, when Uncle Owen buys R5D4 instead of R2D2, well R5D4 blows and Luke says “this droid has a bad Motivator, look.”


Typing this up I noticed how many nods there are to A New Hope, at one point when Chewy is healing, Finn leans on the table and the Chess Board turns on, again another reference to A New Hope.


After Finn goes AWOL from the First Order we see Kylo Ren and General Hux talking and Ren mentions that the First Order maybe better with a Clone Army instead, again another hint to the prequels, maybe the most obvious hint.

clone army

Now we get the most famous line in any of the Star Wars films, it is said in every single film, that tradition is carried on in this film with Han Solo when he says “I’ve got a bed feeling about this.”

This is something that is a nice joke and something that I noticed. When on Han Solo’s Freighter and the Rathtars attack we see a run that looks quite familiar, that is because when the Rathtar is rolling towards Han he lifts his hands and runs off, now if you go to the bottom of the post you will see a link, the run that Han does in the film is the exact same run that Indiana Jones does in Raiders of the lost Arc when he runs from the boulder, just a nice nod and joke.

We see two characters who are no strangers to Star Wars fans, they both appear in Return of the Jedi. These characters are Admiral Ackbar, who is that you may be asking, he is the general who is a badass but everyone has turned into a joke with “It’s a trap!” bet you read that in his voice didn’t you? The other is Nien Nunb, again just who is that well, he is the badass pilot who helped Lando Calrissian blow up the second Death Star with that very weird laugh.

admiral ackbar

If you haven’t read the book that is the Art of the Force Awakens then go do it now it is great. Anyways you in the book we see lots of ideas that could have been in the film and I will be doing a blog post about stuff that could have been in the film. Well Snoke went through a lot of designs and one of the designs that wasn’t used later on went to be the design for an Inquisitor for the second season of Star Wars Rebels as the Fifth Brother.

fifth brother

While on Starkiller Base after Captain Phasma has lowered the planetary shields, Han Solo gets a glitter in his eyes when he is deciding what to do with Captain Phasma and he asks is there a trash compactor. Again a clear hint to A New Hope when they get stuck in the trash compactor.


Speaking of Starkiller Base, many Star Wars fans who know this history of Star Wars will be no stranger to the name Starkiller. Now most people will know the name from the amazing Video Game Star Wars The Force Unleashed. The main character being called Galen Marek but has the code name ‘Starkiller.’ An older throw back than when this game came out and both The Force Awakens and The Force Unleashed (I know, similar aren’t they) they both throw back to the original screenplay of The Star Wars, the original name of Luke Skywalker was indeed Luke Starkiller.


Now this isn’t confirmed at all but I would like to feel it is a nod and homage/reference. Kevin Smith is in the films, now Kevin Smith is one of my favorite directors and people, now back in Clerks Dante and Randal are talking about all the people who were walking on the second Death Star, contractors. Then the line “Do you think the average Stormtrooper knows how to install a toilet main.” Now this could mean nothing but come on when Han Solo asks what Finn did on Starkiller Base, he replies that he did Sanitation work. Again this could be nothing but it seems like it could be a homage to Clerks and Kevin Smith but this could be the very definition of stretching.

Again another clear reference to A New Hope was when Han Solo and Chewy take back the Falcon, Rey is suprised that she is on the Millennium Falcon and she says “This is the Millennium Falcon, this is the ship that made the Kessel run in less than 14 Parsecs” and Han replies with “12!” Hinting back to when Han said to Luke and Ben, “Its the ship that made the Kessel run in less than 12 Parsecs.”

milenium falcon

This is something that I never guessed or even thought of but anyways, when Kylo Ren is torturing Rey, he takes off his helmet and drops into some ‘sand or something’ I had guessed and that was about far as my thought went for that. Well it turns out that he drops the helmet into the ashes of his hero and his grandfather, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. So he places his helmet in his ashes and has his helmet, he is a ginormous fan of Vader then.

Now this maybe the most obvious reference and they haven’t actually said that it is true but it is one of them that doesn’t need addressing. Kylo Ren’s real name is Ben Solo and well I like everyone else who have seen the film, assumes that he was named Ben because of Ben Kenobi. Now I assumed this because why not? Also if it wasn’t for Ben putting everything in place then Han would have never met Leia.

That is all for this post, I hope I didn’t drag on and I hope you walked out with some knowledge and jokes in the film that you can keep an eye out for when you are next watching the film, tell me did you notice anything. Tweet me, go to my Facebook or comment below, thanks.

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Indiana Jones Run looks like Han Solo run

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