Assassin’s Creed Film starts Viral Marketing

Assassin’s Creed Film starts Viral Marketing

I am very, very excited for the Assassin’s Creed film and the fact that it is a shared universe with the games is great. The film has begun its viral marketing and it contains someone who I never knew was in this film, Jeremy Irons and he plays Alan Rikkin, head of Abstergo.

Now anyone who has played the games will know the name Alan Rikkin, he is the CEO of Absergo Industries, the modern day templars. I will have a link in at the bottom of the post so you may hear the voicemail left by Alan Rikkin.

We also know now that Michael Fassbender is playing Aguilar the ancestor of Callum Lynch. Aguilar is a 15th century Spanish Assassin. Marion Cotillard is playing Alan Rikkin’s daughter. The film is due a release on 21/12/16, this is just one week after the release of Star Wars Rogue One A Star Wars story, which still sounds completely stupid, why couldn’t they keep Anthology.

I won’t tell you all what he says in the voicemail, I will leave that for you all to decide, I do think that it is interesting that this film and any possible future films will be within the same universe as Ezio and the other assassins. Tell me if you are excited for the film, Tweet me, go to my Facebook or comment below, thanks.

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Assassin’s Creed Alan Rikkin Voicemail


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