Star Wars the Force Awakens SPOILER Filled Discussion/Review

Star Wars the Force Awakens SPOILER Filled Discussion/Review

Well if you haven’t read the title of this post then I will refresh is again, this discussion/review will be spoiler galore, I will be talking about any and everything with the film, go watch the film and come back here. With all of that being said lets get on with the discussion/review.

The film was an amazing cast and I think my favorite is either Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren, John Boyega’s Finn or BB8. I love all of them but I love how complex Kylo is and the character development. I have a problem with how Captain Phasma was dealt with, now I know that she will be developed in the sequels but I am just talking about this film. She is handled badly, it is criminally underdone, her character has I believe 4 scenes and she adds next to nothing to the plot or the film in general. It is such a shame because she was one of the top 3 characters I was looking forward to most. I need to say though Harrison Ford looks like he was having fun and enjoying making the film, and he wasn’t just phoning it in, he was Han Solo. Throughout this discussion/review, I am not going to talk about every scene, more or less like I do in my other reviews, here it is bigger plot lines.

kylo ren

This is where I will go over some plot points and after this will go into detail on certain points. I love the opening crawl for this film, in the first line, it has you hooked, it simply says “Luke Skywalker has vanished”, you are instantly in the hand of JJ Abrams. At one point we find out that R2D2 has been in low power mode since Luke Skywalker left, and there is this great scene where BB8 tries to wake up R2 and he can’t. Basically BB8 has been given part of a map that leads to Luke Skywalker.  The Resistance want the map to kill Luke because while he lives the dark side can’t come back in full power. The characters General Hux and Kylo Ren have a great sibling like relationship, both trying to impress Supreme Leader Snoke, who I still say is Plageuis, even more after this film, even especially at one point Kylo says “he is wise”, sounds familiar, “Darth Plageuis the wise” spoken from the Emperor.

When we first meet Supreme Leader Snoke and I fell in love with him straight away, he is sat and he is 25 foot tall, his face is all scared, maybe from an attempt on his life, by his apprentice the Emperor? and we see General Hux and Kylo Ren talking to him. But then we see that it is just a hologram, he is in 3 scenes in the whole film, but he doesn’t feel underused and is perfectly done.


Here is how you know that this is a spoiler discussion. So Kylo Ren’s real name is Ben Solo, first off that is amazing, it is great that his name is Ben clearly named after Ben Kenobi but it is also revealed that Han Solo is his father. Through out the film we see that Kylo Ren is bouncing back from being with the light and the dark side of the Force, he talks to the helmet of Darth Vader and basically uses the helmet to physic himself up and convince himself that he is with the dark. We wants to be on the dark side of the Force, he doesn’t even believe himself that he is evil, he just wants to be like his grandfather so much, which is why I can’t wait for the scene where Luke probably tells him that Vader turned to the lightside before he died.

We end up in the Resistance’s base and they are all talking about the plan on how to blow up Starkiller base. Leia and Han are talking and they mention that Ben has too much of Vader in him and Leia says that it was Snoke’s fault, so if Han sees Ben then he should bring him home. Carrie Fisher puts in a decent performance, she isn’t the best but nor was she in the original trilogy, them films didn’t require a great actress.

first order

We see Han, Chewy, Rey and Finn all on Starkiller Base and they are planting bombs all over the building that basically protects the base from being attacked by the Resistance. They plant bombs and Han sees his son. Then we have a scene quite reminiscent of the Empire Strikes Back, I am your father scene. Han is asking Ben to come back with him and that there is still good in him, that Snoke is just using him for his power ,(he is a Skywalker, they are very strong in the Force.) Ben asks Han to help him with something and we see Ben genuinely torn about what he wants to do and what he has to do .Ben hands Han his lightsaber, we see Finn and Rey stood watching this from a high up platform and Chewy is also watching from a platform. Han is holding the lightsaber, notice there isn’t any music in this scene at all, Han is holding it but it turns out so is Ben. He ignites the lightsaber and impales Han straight through the chest, now it was obvious that Han would die, I called it when they announced Harrison Ford was back. Han has been stabbed but we see Han is looking at his son one last time, he hands his son’s face as though he doesn’t blame him for what he has done, yes he killed him but it’s still his son. Then we see Chewy land a beauty hit on Kylo, I won’t call him Ben again. Chewy isn’t going to let you get away with killing his best friend. Here we see everyone has such raw emotion, in this scene it is everyone acting at top notch and I will admit, this is one of the scenes that got me teary in the film, even after watching it again.

The film has a fight scene at the end between Kylo, Finn and Rey, firstly we have Kylo bleeding and hit is hitting himself like a mad man, he force pushes Rey and knocks her out, so we have Finn and he runs over to see if Rey is ok. I love this scene, Kylo Ren yells at the top of his lungs, the way how sounds, it sounds like he is trying to get in Finn’s head and almost like Kylo is losing the plot. He yells Traitor and Finn turns around and just ignites the lightsaber, and Kylo wants that lightsaber and Finn tells him to come and get it. They have a fight, again I’m not going into every detail, more like a gloss over to talk about the scene in general. They fight and of course, like he should Kylo kicks the living shit out Finn but then Kylo goes to grab the lightsaber using the force, but it won’t come to him, it flies straight past him. Now I wont lie when I saw this I knew it was Rey who was getting the Lightsaber but I so wanted it to be Luke as well, if it was Luke who grabbed the Saber and he squared off with Kylo, I would have had the biggest nerdgasm ever.

milenium falcon

Rey and Kylo fight some more and again Kylo is beating her down, but then Kylo tries to turn Rey to the dark and Rey taps into the Force and kicks the shit out of Kylo and scars his face, but before she can kill him the planet is falling apart because Poe and his men blow up Starkiller Base. So they all leave on the Falcon and go back to the Resistance Base.

They get back to the Resistance Base and R2 turns back on, it turns out he does have the rest of the map and he projects the map and BB8 fills in what is missing from the map, now we have a map leading to Luke. Rey and Chewy set off in the Falcon and they go to where the map leads them, she goes on a very, very long walk. Eventually she finds a hooded figure stood there looking off in the distance, it turns and we see that it is Luke Skywalker, I got teary here again, he looks at Rey and she holds his lightsaber in her hand then BOOM it ends, that is the ending of the film. We are left with so many questions once the film is done, does he know that Han is dead? is Rey Luke’s daughter? I think she is. I love this film with a passion, for me personally as someone who grow up on Star Wars as a franchise, my films in order from worst to best go: Attack of the Clones, The Phantom Menace, Revenge of the Sith/Return of the Jedi, Return of the Jedi/Revenge of the Sith, A New Hope, The Force Awakens then The Empire Strikes back. I know this was more of a discussion than a review and when the film comes out on Blu Ray, I will have a full breakdown of the film as well as the special features, that come along with it, I am going to start doing that with Blu Ray releases. I really want to know what you all think of the film, do you agree or disagree with me, let me know, Tweet me, go to my Facebook or comment below, thanks.

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