Star Wars Episode VII Spoiler Free Review

Star Wars Episode VII Spoiler Free Review

We are finally here, Star Wars the Force Awakens has been released and I could not have been more pumped for this film, before I start I just want to say a quick story. When Star Wars Episode VII was announced I has just got my Star Wars Blu Ray so me and two friends did a marathon of all 6 and just as Revenge of the Sith was starting I saw it was announced there would be more Star Wars, that was 3 years ago.

Anyway, your not here to hear about that, you all want a spoiler free review of the Force Awakens, I will have a spoiler filled review of the film very soon, so keep an eye out for that, with that said lets get to the review.

I came out of this film and being the huge Star Wars fan that I am, I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness as well as many other emotions, I teared up 3 times during the film. This is amazing and I love it, I will start by saying that humor in this film really works and works very effectively. Stuff with BB8 and a few other characters have great comedic moments. I am going to say this, what the cast and crew have been saying about the film is true, you don’t have to have watched any of the last 6 films to watch this, now yes if you have it will definitely enhance your experience,  but don’t not go  just because you feel intimidated by not watching the film, it is a great stand alone and a perfect way to start off the new trilogy and the reign of Disney’s Star Wars.

first order

Now obviously like I said I won’t spoil anything but I am tempted to, the cast of this film worked really well together, the film doesn’t rely on the nostalgia trip of seeing the original cast back but they instead use that to make the film better and make us connect with the younger cast. Characters like Rey played by the brilliant Daisey Ridley, I feel like she carries the film along with Finn who is played by amazing John Boyega, they both carry the film and it works all the better because of it. Poe Dameron, who is played by Oscaar Issac, who we already know all to well how talented he is, Poe was in this film a lot more than I guessed, I thought he would be more of a secondary character and brought forward in the sequels. Then we get the villains, Kylo Ren played by Adam Driver, I can say I had never seen Adam in anything until I saw he was cast in this and I love him in this film, he is not just a rehash of Darth Vader like some people thought he might be, he has conflict and a lot of depth to him and when he walks in a room he has gravatos. Then we get General Hux, played by Domnhall Gleeson, he is great and he is the film, he was like a new generation of Grand Moff Tarkin, it worked very well and the relationship that him and Kylo Ren have is fascinating. Now we have Captain Phasma played by the amazing Gwendoline Christie, now here is a negative of the film, I feel like Phasma was criminally underused in this film, maybe she was in a lot more and all of that got cut out but she was underused to the point where, when she came on screen you had to remind your self “oh yeah she is in this isn’t she.”


The original cast were great in the film, I won’t say much here because then I would be going into spoiler territory and that is for the spoiler review. I left characters like Han Solo, Leia and much like the marketing I won’t talk about Supreme Leader Snoke or Luke Skywalker until the spoiler filled galore.

The mix of CGI and Practical effects worked really well together, they blended perfectly and I didn’t feel like it was over done in CG or practical effects, but I am going to watch it again, so I will say in my next review if I see any over done shots. The score, what can I say about the score of the film, it is amazing, John Williams is back and again killing it in the world of Star Wars, nothing on the level of Duel of the Fates, but that is good because it shows that the score was great throughout and it doesn’t dip at any point.


All I have to say now is JJ Abrams we thank you and I was already a huge fan but thank you for this film and what is done to and for me, I can not wait to see what Gareth Edwards brings to universe in next years Rogue One but I just want to see Rian Johnson’s Episode VIII now, only I think 17 months to go until that is out, I can wait.

I would give this film a solid 9.6 out of 10, it is a perfect way to start of the new trilogy, it blends everything nicely and we connect with the young cast and care for their characters, I can not wait to see where it goes next and you can be damn sure I am watching this a lot and a lot of times, tell me what you all think of the film, if you haven’t see it are you excited for the film? Tweet me, go to my Facebook or comment below, don’t forget a spoiler review will be up soon, and May the Force be with you.

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