Star Trek Beyond Trailer Released!

Star Trek Beyond Trailer Released!

We are here again, we have another trailer for a film, that I am really excited for. This trailer was supposed to be released with the release of Star Wars the Force Awakens and it got leaked earlier on today but it was in German, I watched it non the less.

The trailer was leaked and was in German, so I had absolutely no idea what was happening, but I enjoyed it non the less. Paramount did the right thing and have released a full HD version and more importantly English version of the trailer.

Now nothing will top my love for the Star Wars franchise, maybe Lord of the Rings but I will admit I never really got into Star Trek, I just sat there and thought I could be watching Star Wars instead. I did like one or two of the films and when I saw the 2009 reboot I loved it, it is very much like Star Wars and I think that is why I loved it and I don’t care how much Trekies hate Into Darkness, I love that film as well.

I am really quite excited for the film and it looks really good, I still don’t have much of a clue what is happening in the film, now when a trailer for Star Wars is released I can break it down and get really small hints but with Star Trek I just go and watch the film without knowing much. Tell me what you think of the trailer, are you excited for the film, Tweet me, go to my Facebook or comment below, thanks.

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Star Trek Beyond Trailer


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