Independence Day : Resurgence Trailer

Independence Day : Resurgence Trailer

Well, I was not expecting to see this trailer today, I just floating on Facebook and I got a link to the trailer for the new film, I will have a link to the trailer below, please go watch this before it gets taken down.

I am actually quite excited for the film, I love the first Independence day film and when I heard there would be another, I was really excited then I found out they were making 2 and I got more excited.

The film is due a release of June 24th 2016 and we have the trailer a little bit earlier than expected but I am not complaining, personally I am really happy I have seen this trailer. Tell me what you think of the trailer and are you excited for the film, Tweet me, go to my Facebook or comment below, thanks.

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Independence day : Resurgence Trailer


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