X-Men Apocalypse Trailer Breakdown

X-Men Apocalypse Trailer Breakdown

Here we have the next installment in the X-Men Franchise, in X-Men Apocalypse and why else do we watch trailers if not to break them down and try to find all the different hints and story beats. A link to the trailer will be at the bottom of the post. So I am here to break down the newest trailer, hope you enjoy.

We start the trailer with the new Jean Grey and she is talking about how she has seen the world in grave danger but of course we see Proffesor Xavier and he tell Jean that what she has seen is just a dream. I am just guessing that since X-Men Days of Future Past, the Mutants haven’t been given too much bother, that is just a complete shot in the dark. Then we get some music starting and we hear Apocalypse say “I have been called many things over many life times” then he says some names, I believe that they are some religion deities and we see Apocalypse with a hood up. Now I am not bothered about the voice but it could come across as very disturbing but we will have to wait and see.

apocalypse.jpg lok

Now we get Professor X talking to Moira and Quicksiler in the back ground and they are talking about a being that has been referred to as the first, the very first mutant, then we see a shot of ancient Egypt just to try and make it clear to the average movie goer who saw the end credit scene of Days of Future Past and a young Apocalypse building the pyramids.


Then we hear again Apocalypse saying “you are all my children, and your lost because you follow blind leaders, but I am here now, I’m here for you” during this Freddy Krueger speech, we see shots of different mutants like Mystique, Jubelee, Nightcrawler, Storm and MAGNETO, I love Magneto and love both Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender as the character.

xmen team

So Apocalypse is going around and getting his four horsemen, and Moira even says that always had four followers, again in the back ground of the end credit scene we saw four horsemen. In this film we see that the four horsemen are Storm, Archangel, Pshylocke and Magneto, then we hear Quicksilver say that he got this from the Bible and Moira replies maybe they got it from him.

young apocalypse.png

Then we see a scene of Xavier saying that Apocalypse can control all of us, it looks great and just after that we see that they are all in the mansion and Apocalypse commands Magneto to pick up Xavier and take him, now in the back ground we see Mystique, Quicksilver, Beast and Moira, it looks like he has called them all here because he needs to tell them what is happening and as he is being taken we Quicksilver start to run to help.


Then we see a shot of the X-Men going to what I assume is a destroyed New York, there is Mystique, Beast, Moira, Cyclops, Jean Grey and Quicksilver. Now we see someone going to punch Apocalypse, as I stop it, it looks like it may be Xavier, to which it adds to my theory that this is a nightmare, if not then Apocalypse can indeed grow to quite big heights.

magneto.jpg lol

Then we see Quicksilver running through the Mansion, to what I assume is to help fight Apocalypse, but we have no idea. Now we see Archangel here and he attacks, it looks great, I will admit I am not a huge fan of Angel/Archangel but I will hold judgement. Then we see Storm who travels through lightning, it looks great, I am so glad we finally get Storm with a Mohawk.


Then we see some stuff like the Mansion blowing up, Magneto, storm and everyone attacking New York while Apocalypse gives a speech and the trailer ends with a look at the bald Xavier. This film looks great, the trailer is good but I can not wait for this film, tell me what you thought of the trailer and are you excited for the film, Tweet me, go to my Facebook or comment below, thanks.


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X-Men Apocalypse Trailer


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