Star Wars Episode VI The Return of the Jedi

Star Wars Episode VI The Return of the Jedi

Finally here, the end of the saga until next week, I am watching The Force Awakens at Midnight next Wednesday but enough with that, we are here for the next installment in my Star Wars Reviews. The Return of the Jedi is a film that I quite enjoy and I will admit here, that I go up and down on which I like more the Return of the Jedi or the Revenge of the Sith.

We open the film with the new Death Star and the film gets straight to the point and we see Lord Vader almost straight away, he says that the Emperor will be coming, but then we see R2D2 and C3PO going to Jabba’s Palace and it is unknown why they are there yet. But they are there as part of a plan to get Han Solo back, he is still frozen in carbonite, he is hung up on the wall.


Next we see a Bounty Hunter taking Chewbacca into the Palace and the Bounty Hunter has an argument with Jabba over how many credits it wants. It becomes quite a tense scene, in the back ground we see the infamous Boba Fett. C3PO is translating for Jabba and the Bounty Hunter. Eventually they come to an arrangement and Chewbacca is taken. Then we get back to the party, which is what I imagine Jabba’s Palace is always like.


Later we see that the Palace is dead and out comes the Bounty Hunter, it is walking around the Palace and there is no one to be seen, it looks over and sees the Han refrigerator, just hung up. It walks over and unfreezes him and Han is back, he flops down to the ground and the Bounty Hunter helps him up. Han is saying that he can’t see anything and we find out that it is a side effect of being frozen in carbonite for a long while. Then the Bounty Hunter takes off its helmet and we see that it is Leia, but they don’t get long to celebrate because we hear a very intimidating laugh and the curtains are pulled and we see there is Jabba, it looks like he knew the whole time that it was someone trying to break Han out.

It has been about 23 minuets and us as the audience are wondering why we haven’t seen Luke at all yet, then we see a figure dressed in all black walk through the ginormous doors of Jabba’s Palace.  It looks like Lord Vader if he wasn’t all robotic and the Gamorrean Guards go to stop the figure and this figure Force Chokes them both and continues with his way. We see that the figure is Luke Skywalker, he is back and is very much different, he is using the Dark Side, maybe he has changed? we don’t know, he gets to Bib Fortuna and Luke uses the Force to take him to Jabba.


Jabba and Luke are face to face and they are debating and Luke wants to get Han. Chewy and Leia back and it seems like he doesn’t care about the two droids. While this debate is happening Leia is on Jabba’s lap? I guess you could call it, his tail? anyway we get Slave Leia, the image that was an awakening for many a lad. Anyway they argue and eventually Jabba makes Luke fall down a little trap and he is stuck in some cave with a Gamorrean Guard, out comes the Rancor and it’s hungry, its eats the Gamorrean Guard like it was nothing. Luke kills the Rancor but crushing it with the door that it walked through.


Luke is then captured and the whole gang or on a Skiff Barge and Jabba is threatening to throw them all into the Sarlaac Pit, where they will be digested over 1000 years. Luke is on the end of the plank, but he jumps over the guard stood behind him and R2 shoots him his lightsaber and it all starts. Boom out comes Lando Calrissian, he has been wearing guard armor and has been undercover with Jabba for a while and Han can not see still. A fight happens and the whole gang are killing Jabba’s men, mostly Luke. Leia seizes this opportunity and she takes the chain that Jabba has had on her and she chokes Jabba with it killing the notorious gangster. Boba Fett gets “killed” in the stupidest way possible, like seriously Han, who is blind hits him and his jetpack goes crazy and he falls into the Sarlacc Pit.


Now we are back at Dagobah and Luke has returned to finish his training with Master Yoda, but Yoda can not carry on, he is 900 years old and he dies but not before confirming that Lord Vader is indeed Luke’s Father. Luke then goes and confronts Ben Kenobi saying that he lied about his father and Ben says what I told you was true from a certain point of view, to which I would say bullshit you just lied. But he also finds out that Leia is his sister, now Ben does say search your feelings you know who it is and it is quite obvious because Leia is the only female in the galaxy.


Now were planning for an attack on the second Death Star and we see Mon Mothma and she is helping the Rebellion plan the attack, but a team must go down to the forest moon of Endor using an Imperial ship and so Luke, Han, Chewy, Leia, R2, C3PO and a bunch of rebel soldiers go down to the planet, but before they can do that Han gives the Falcon back to Lando temporally. Vader realizes that Luke is on the ship, but he lets them go down to the planet because him and the Emperor have a plan bigger than the Death Star.

We land on the forest moon of Endor and more or less straight away get in trouble, Luke and Leia both end up in a Speeder Bike chase, Leia ends up getting knocked out for a little bit and is awoken by a Wicket, a Ewok, played by a very young Warrick Davis. Wicket takes Leia back to his tribe, I guess you could call them, eventually the gang go looking for Leia and Chewy is trapped and gets the whole gang caught because he sees some meat and tries to get, out comes some Ewoks. The Ewoks take the group back to their tribe and they worship C3PO and he convinces them that if they don’t let the group go then he will use his powers to do it and as he says that Luke uses the force to do some stuff and the trick the Ewoks.

speeder bike

Later that night Luke is about to leave the group and go to confront Vader but Leia talks to him before he goes. He tells her that Vader is his father and that she is his sister and she replies with, I think part of me always knew, yeh yeh, so you knew when you kisses him on Hoth huh? Luke leaves and Han comes outside just in time to think that something is going on between Luke and Leia.

Luke and Vader have met up, Luke gave himself up and lets the troopers take him to Vader. They talk about what the Emperor whats with him and Luke is trying to bring Vader back by reminding him abut who he used to be, a man named Anakin Skywalker, but it seems useless.

luke and vader

The attacks start, both in Space and on ground, the team on the ground must destroy the shield so the team in space can blow up the Death Star, but while this is happening Luke is in the Death Star with Vader and the Emperor. I am going to get it over and done with it, basically the group on the ground destroy the shield with the help of Ewoks I don’t like that part. In space, Lando and the rest eventually blow up the power core of the Death Star.


Now to the most interesting and bets part of the film. Luke, Vader and the Emperor. Basically the Emperor wants Luke to use the dark side and his anger to kill Vader, Luke doesn’t want to. But the Emperor torments Luke by saying that all of his friends will die, so Luke and Vader end up fighting. They go allover the Emperor’s Throne Room. There is a point where Luke is hiding from Vader and Vader starts to tap into the Force and uses Luke’s feelings against him, he finds out that Luke has a sister and he says that is Luke will not join them, then perhaps she will and this causes Luke is use his anger and he defeats Lord Vader, he takes the hand off Vader.


The Emperor starts to say that Luke must kill him and take his place as his new apprentice, Luke sees his father and what he has become because of this man and he throws down his lightsaber and says that he is a Jedi like his father before him. Then the Emperor says so be it, Jedi and uses Force Lightning to slowly and painfully kill Luke, he is just toying with the young Jedi and Vader stand to see his son in pain, he looks over at the Emperor and how he is enjoying this and Vader decides what needs to be done. He picks up the Emperor and throws him down a huge chasm, for filling the prophecy, bringing balance to the force. He is now dying though.


Luke tries to save his father but Vader tells him to go, but before he goes, he wants to see him without the help of his helmet, he wants to see him with his own eyes. Luke just escapes the Death Star before it blows up. Leia sees the Death Star blow up and Han comes over and says that if she wants to be with Luke, that he won’t get in the way and she starts to laugh, she tells him that they are siblings and they get together.


Luke burns Vader’s body and gives him a true warriors burial, not a good one apparently because Kylo Ren gets it, so dammit Luke. They all have a party and then three Force Ghosts appear, Ben Kenobi, Yoda and Anakin, they all appear. The galaxy is free, or so we thought until next Wednesday, for me, when we have the release of the Force Awakens. I would give this film a 7.5 out of 10, now like I said that at the beginning of the review, I go from like this more than Revenge of the Sith, then back the other way, it is a fun way to end the trilogy, and what we thought was the end of the Star Wars saga. Tell me what you all think of the film, Tweet me, go to Facebook or comment below.

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