Friday the 13th Reboot loses Director but gains a new Writer

Friday the 13th Reboot loses Director but gains a new Writer

Well if any of you remember, because I barely do there was a reboot of Friday the 13th and I enjoyed the film, but it seems most never and since then another reboot has been trying to get off the ground and the project was pushed back to January 13th 2017. Well now according TheWrap the director of the film David Bruckner has been detached from the project and it has gained a new screenwriter in the talented Aaron Guzikowski.

The new screenwriter Aaron Guzikowski wrote the film prisoners, I loved that film and one of the many reasons why was the story and the script of the film. Losing a director is never a good thing but to gain a writer of this caliber lessens the blow.

I am a big fan of the Friday the 13th franchise, it is a franchise that me and friends have enjoyed many a night watching and having a laugh, I mean you watch these films for kills. The amount of times I have watched with or without friends, Freddy vs Jason is astonishing, I apologetically love that film, yes it is a guilty pleasure like any Friday the 13th film after part 4, again I love Friday the 13th Part Six, where Jason comes back to life or Friday the 13th Part Eight Jason takes Manhattan and the king jewel of them all Jason X, if I ever need a laugh I can just play this film and I will cheer up straight away. I am interested in what you all think about the franchise and are you looking forward to the new film, Tweet me, go to Facebook or comment below, thanks.




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