Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Trailer Breakdown

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Trailer Breakdown

Well if you have been reading this blog for anytime now or even read my last post about the trailer for Batman v Superman being released, you will know what I am going to say next. This and Star Wars are literally all I have ever wanted, DC ranging from the comics, to the video games to the films are a huge passion of mine. I mean come on honestly I watched Dark Knight Rises 9 times in the cinemas and Man of Steel 7 times, I have doubt this film will make double digits.

But I am here to break down the newest trailer for Batman v Superman Dawn of the Justice League, oh I’m sorry I mean Dawn of Justice *cough. I’m joking of course but this trailer, I mean come on this trailer, I love this trailer, I honest to god did not go 30 minuets since 8:20am without watching the trailer. I know lots of people were moaning about this trailer but I love it apologetically love it.

We start the trailer with a party of sorts, my guess is that this is Lex Luthor’s party to celebrate the rebuilding of Metropolis and everyone who helped rebuild Metropolis are invited. We see someone pull up and get out of their car. Then we see Clark Kent being the journalist we all know him as, he asks who got out of the car and it is Bruce Wayne. This also looks like the part in the last trailer where Wonder Woman got in a car, all dressed up.

We skip inside the building and Clark introduces himself to Bruce and asks a very important question, “What’s your position of the Bat vigilante in Gotham” and Bruce does what we all expect Bruce to do, he just gives a little smirk. Clark goes on to say “Civil liberties are being trampled on in your city, people living in fear, he thinks hes above the law.” It sounds like Clark doesn’t like how Batman operates and Bruce returns with “The Daily Planet criticizing those who think they’re above the law is … a little hypocritical, wouldn’t you say?” a genius response from Bruce, from the look I get the feeling that Bruce knows that Clark is Superman, I mean come on if Lois Lane found out in like 3 days then Bruce should knows pretty quickly. He goes on to say “considering every time your hero saves a cat out of a tree, you write a puff piece editorial, about an Alien, who could burn the whole place down” again Bruce just turning everything Clark has said against him.

“Most of the world doesn’t share in your opinion Mr.Wayne” Clark is looking a little hurt right now, I think he has realized that Bruce isn’t a huge fan of Superman, “Maybe it’s the Gotham City in me, we just have a bad history with freaks dressed like clowns” I think this is my favorite line we have heard from this film, he is saying it directly to Clark making fun of him a bit but more importantly, he is clearly referencing to the Joker, I love this, it is the small thing, but the small things that help build a universe. Then Bruce and Clark have a stare off, the start of their rivalry.


Then comes a bit that people have been torn on, Lex Luthor says “Boys, um, Bruce Wayne meets Clark Kent, ha I love it, I love bringing people together.” He goes to shake Bruce’s hand and then he shakes Clark’s hand and he says that Clark has a tight grip and says that you should not pick a fight with him. I am not to keen on the representation of Lex here, he looks like he has been plucked from the Batman Forever, Riddler film. I will enjoy this, if and only if this is his public face, this is what he comes off like while in public areas and as soon as they are behind the door he is much more dark, I feel like that this is what will happen.

It is no coincidence that we then get two shots of Superman flying, one where he is angry, maybe it is Batman’s nightmare and the other is when he is going to court, where they decide what must be done about Superman, one light and one dark. Then again one shot of Superman walking and the other him walking, but one is when he is Superman and the other is dark, brooding Superman.


Then we see and hear Alfred say “You’re going to go to war” and while we hear this we see different points of view from the third act of Man of Steel, with people dying and Superman and Zod fighting. Bruce replies with “That son of a bitch, brought the war to us” so we got this from the last trailer but again we see Bruce’s motivation against Superman. Alfred says “You know you can’t win this, its suicide” and we see some footage of Batman v Superman, they are fighting through buildings, then we see Batman in the Bat-Wing shooting Superman and Superman is just in the air with his eyes lit up, it looks amazing.



Lex says “The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world” he is behind much of this, he is getting them to fight each other, he sees this as a game of sorts. “Son of Krypton vs Bat of Gotham” again he is getting a kick from all of this.


Then we see Lois Lane and she says to Lex “You’re psychotic” and Lex says a great line “that is a three syllable word for any thought to big for little minds” and then we get some more fighting between Batman and Superman we hear Bruce’s Bat voice and it sounds perfect, not like he is gargling on marbles. We get a shot of what I have the most questions for, we see Batman in the desert, like his nightmare, but what I am interested in is, yes he is fighting a lot of Superman’s men but I want to know what on earth are the parademons doing there, if you understood that then I take my hat off to you. Parademons are the minions, the first line in many ways for Darkseid, the villain who we will more than likely see in Justice League, I love Darkseid, I personally like him more than Apocalypse and Thanos, they are all quite similar to be honest.


“Stay down, if I wanted it, you would be dead already” I love that they point out the obvious, because if he wanted to Superman could win this fight in a heartbeat but he is holding back and clearly he doesn’t expect Batman to kick the shit out of him as much as he does.


Then we see Zod’s body being taken to Lex Luthor, he is going to do some experiments on it. Maybe he released the Doomsday gene? “If man won’t kill god, the devil will do it” now Frankenstein is in here, there is a building with electric bouncing off it, he creates the devil. “What have you done?” Superman asks and we hear a roar that echos and then something destroys a building and crashes on the ground. There it is Doomsday, the big bad that every Superman fan knows. I love Doomsday, he is simply a killing machine, nothing more, nothing less, the amount of people who have complained what he looks like, is insane. I can guarantee that at least half of the people who have complained about the look, barely know anything about Doomsday, and complained about Ben Affleck and Heath Ledger and Jared Leto. My guess is that Doomsday will be defeated in this film and he is like he is in the comics, he always comes back and can’t beat beaten the same way twice, so when we see him again he will be more like we know.


Doomsday can shoot beams out of his eyes and mouth, he goes to kill Batman and then suddenly Wonder Woman saves the day, now it may be different in the film, but in the trailer they make it look like Wonder Woman saves him. Then Superman turns and says to Batman “She with you?” and Batman replies with “I thought she was with you” and then we get the shot of the trinity, the shot that I have been waiting years upon years for, I can not wait for this film. Tell me what you all think of the trailer, Tweet me, go to my Facebook or comment below, thanks.

the trinity





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