Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope Review

Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope Review

We are finally here, having gone through the prequels we have got to the original trilogy, the 3 films that kicked it all off or more like the film that started the Star Wars hypermania, yes we have Star Wars or as it is known now Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope.

This film cemented the summer blockbuster, while Jaws started the summer blockbuster, Star Wars cemented it. 1977 this film came out, that is crazy to comprehend and since it’s release it has been massive and relevant (apart from a small gap from 1983 – 1990ish.)


Anyway lets get to the review and the film, we open with the now famous crawl text, you show anyone that and everyone knows exactly what you are talking about, like so much in thses films they have became part of the culture. We see the Tantive IV come into frame and we are instantly in the hand of George Lucas and am in his world, the ship is massive it takes up part of the screen but then we see it, we see a Star Destroyer come into frame, it makes the Tantive look like an ant compared to a human, it is nothing to this ginormous ship. The Tantive is taken into the Star Destroyer and the film can start, we see R2D2 and C3PO, our two characters to look through into this world.


We see Rebel soldiers getting into position anticipating the attack from the Empire, low and behold the Empire come and attack the Rebellion, now yes it has become a joke of how back the stormtroopers are at aiming and if you have a name in the Star Wars Universe then you probably won’t die. We get a fight between the Rebels and the Empire, I will say this now, the action in this film is not the best in the series and that is simply because it was a lower budget and came out in 1977. R2D2 gets a message put inside of him from Princess Leia and both R2D2 and C3PO get into an escape pod, but this whole start is simply leading up to the character, the villain who the general public will think of when you say Star Wars, Darth Vader comes into frame and it is easy to see why he is one of cinemas greatest villains ever. He demands your presence and you give it to him, from the breathing to that aminous voice of James Earl Jones. He starts to question everyone and killing everyone except for Princess Leia, they take her.


C3PO and R2D2 crash land on Tatooine, the planet farthest away from the centre of the galaxy, they have a small argument over which way they should go, so they both split up and guess what it goes wrong for both of them. C3PO sees something off in the distance and calls out to it, little does he know it is a sandcrawler and the Jawas occuping it will just take him and R2D2 has found himself in a fairly similar situation because he gets taken by Jawas also, so they split up for no reason really. They both meet back up in the sandcrawler and it was like nothing happened.


They along with many other (assuming) taken droids are being taken to be sold, they end up at a moisture farm, all the droids are taken outside to be sold, two men talk out of the house an older man and a younger man ages 19, the 19 year old is our hero of the film, Luke Skywalker, they get the two droids. It turns out that Luke is living with his Aunt and Uncle. He cleans up both the droids and when he is cleaning R2D2 he sees part of the message from Princess Leia and he hears a name Obi Wan Kenobi and he wonders maybe it is old man Ben Kenobi. After some food and blue milk, like serious I want some of this blue milk.


R2D2 goes looking for Obi Wan Kenobi so Luke and C3PO go looking for R2, they eventually find him but Tusken Raiders aka Sandpeople are around, Luke gets knocked out by one of them and as the name suggests they raider Luke’s landspeeder but then we see a hooded figure making some loud scream like noises and the Tuskens run off. The figure pulls his hood down and it is Ben Kenobi, he helps Luke up, they all go to Ben’s place.


We get some backstory and find out that Ben Kenobi is Obi Wan Kenobi and that there is a myserious force called conviently the force and it surrounds us, penetrates us and binds the galaxy together and Ben hands Luke his fathers lightsaber telling him that his father wanted him to have this when we was old enough but Luke also finds out that his father was a Jedi Knight and was betrayed and murdered by Darth Vader. We see the message from Princess Leia fully and they must travel to Alderaan. Luke is unwilling at first but after seeing the sandcrawler and all the Jawas slaughtered, and we get the hillarious lines of “these blastpoints too acurate for Sandpeople, only imperial troopers have such accuracy” I’m sorry Ben your old and cenile but they can’t hit jackshit. Luke finds his Aunt and Uncle dead so he decides that there is nothing left for him and we wants to go with Ben to Alderaan and learn the ways of the force like his father.


Next we see Mos Eisley, you will never find a more wretched hive of sum and villanly. They go to find a fast pilot who can help them get to Alderaan. Here we see out first hint of a Jedi, because Ben uses the force to essentially bully the weak minded and make them do what he wants, but also in then cantina we see Ben uses his lightsaber to take a hand off someone attempting to cause trouble with Luke. They eventually find Han Solo, a male who is a bit older than Luke, possibly in his late 20s, early 30s and his friend and co-pilot Chewbacca.  They agree to take the group to Alderaan, Han is cornered by Greedo, Greedo works for Jabba and has came to get Han and take him back to Jabba, Han betrayed Jabba by dropping his smuggles while being bordered and Jabba isn’t happy. HAN SHOOTS GREEDO, NO GREEDO DOES NOT SHOOT!


They are all about to get onto the Milenium Falcon and Stormtroopers turn up and start to attack the group, but it is no use they get away and make their way to Alderaan. While on the Falcon, Ben is teaching Luke in the ways of the Force and Jedi, he is getting lessons and in comes Han saying he has been all around the galaxy and there is no hocky pockey religion that control all. Meanwhile Leia has been tortured to get information but she has been able to resist it, but in order to find out the location of the rebel base, Grand Moff Tarkin is threatening her planet of Alderaan, so she says that the base is on Dantooine but she is lying it is on Yavin IV, it makes no difference because they blow up her planet of Alderaan. This is a pain in the ass for Han and everyone because as they are entering Alderaan it turns into an asteroid field.


The group follow a TIE Fighter, and they get caught in a tractor beam from the Death Star, the ship that destroyed Alderaan. The group get some stormtrooper armor and disguise themselves as troopers to be able to get around, they go up to a control room and they come up with a plan there. Ben will go and tun off the tractor beam meanwhile the rest of the group will go and free Princess Leia. They have the idea to take Chewy down to the detention block and act that like they are taking him there to get pit away and then just go free the Princess but of course it goes wrong and they end up causing a fight instead. Meanwhile Ben is off and trying to shut down the tractor beam, which he succeeds in doing. He and Darth Vader eventually meet up because they both sense each other and they have some back and forth like Vader saying that he is the master now and Ben replies with only the master of evil Darth and they fight. In lets admit not the best fight in the series but to be fair it is a man who is mostly machine and an old man past his prime.

Ben vs Vader

But the group have found themselves in trouble but they find a way out and get back to the Falcon and they see Ben fighting Vader. Ben looks over and sees Luke watching him and he surrenders himself to be killed, Ben says “strike me down and I shall become more powerful that you could possibly imagine.” Vader kills Ben but then he instantly starts to tell Luke what to do.


They all get away and go to the base on Yavin IV and decide what they must do next. Everyone meets up and using the plans that were stored inside of R2, they figure out that there is an exhaust port that they can blow up thus causing the Death Star to explode. The Rebellion are all getting ready to attack the destroy the Death Star but Han isn’t going to help, he wants to take his reward and leave. So the Rebellion go to attack the Death Star and they are getting their ass kicked, one of the Rebels almost blows up the Death Star but he misses the shot, so they must go and try again. Luke is going to attempt to blow it up, Vader is coming to blow him up, Vader senses that there is something special about Luke and he almost blows him up but in comes Han and he shoots Vader, Vader’s ship goes spinning off somewhere. Luke then blows up the Death Star and they all head back to Yavin IV. They have a medal ceremony and Chewy doesn’t get a MEDAL! now in cannon they say that he got one, but NO, NO he never got one, screw the Rebellion, I support the Empire now.


Overall this film is a great film, now yes the prequels leave a few questions when re-watching them, but that doesn’t matter. I want to know do you all prefer a smaller review or in depth one, I can do both, please let me know tweet me, go to my Facebook or comment below. I would give this film a 8.25/10 it is great and still works today although there are some parts that don’t hold up and stand out, but none the less this is still my second favorite Star Wars film. I will leave you all to guess which is my favorite. Thanks I hope to see you all again nest week for my review of Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back.





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