New Star Wars T.V Spot out!

New Star Wars T.V Spot out!

Yet again we have another trailer for the Force Awakens, and while I keep saying that I won’t watch anymore footage, I keep coming back. If you want the watch the trailer, go the bottom of the post and there is a link there. 

This is a bit longer than the average TV Spot, this trailer is a minuet long, usually they would 30 seconds (if that). It seems like we are getting new footage everyday and I find myself saying “No, more footage, I just want the film.” I just want the film already, it is a mere 20 days away and we have something new every day.

That’s sounds crazy, that I am saying no more footage but I don’t want a rehash of the Amazing Spiderman 2, where we had like 25 TV spots and about 7 final trailers, I hope that we don’t get any footage what so ever of Luke Skywalker, I have waited this long, I can wait a little longer, I am come on I have went my whole life without seeing an old Luke I am able to wait 3 weeks.

The new trailer gives us a lot of new, while also giving new angles or slight twists to the footage we have seen already, for example when we see the First Order meeting, we get a new shot of behind General Hux and we see what we can assume is Starkiller Base is blowing something up, I don’t know what to say it does, I know it is a lot more powerful than the Death Star. Also a bit more footage of Kylo Ren torturing Poe Dameron and afterwards it looks like he knocks him out.

As well as a lot of new footage of fighting and explosions but also we see that Han and Chewy have still got it, they are in the business of killing Stormtroopers and business is good, or more to the conversations of “There has been a presence, have you felt it?” and it sounds like Kylo Ren replies to him, so it looks like Supreme Leader Snoke is in charge of Kylo Ren? or the Knights of Ren? is he Darth Plagueis?, I wont let that theory die, I still believe. Please tell me what you all think of the trailer, are we getting too much footage? Tweet me, go to my Facebook or comment below, thanks.



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