Fantastic Four Sequel pulled

Fantastic Four Sequel pulled

Well early this year we got the fourth attempt at Fox trying to bring Marvel’s first family to life and yet again they failed. The film was a ginormous failure. 

The film was a huge failure and it was no suprise that the film did terribly, the director Josh Trank was saying that a year ago he had a fantastic version of the film pun intended and the studio messed the film up. Honestly I want to see a film on the making of this film, I bet it would be a lot better of a film as well, John Schnepp get on it now.

The film made $167 million world wide on a budget of $120 million, some people may look at that number and think, it made some money, no it never. That cost does not cover the advertising cost, the advertising for this film was decent so lets says $20 million and that is being kind, there is more money. Also the theaters take a cut of about 1/3 of that (with ticket sales etc) so realisatically the film lost the studio about $50 million, again that is being kind. That is a number were producers get fired for and so it is no suprise we are getting no sequel.

I actually enjoyed the first hour of the film and then the negative zone or what ever they called it happened and Doom happened. Fox kept blowing the horn of saying that we will get a sequel even a week ago, with Simon Kinberg saying that it will still be happening, then comes out that we are getting no sequel. The release of all of Fox’s films out in the coming years and guess what no Fantastic Four sequel, again no suprise but I bet the people who are most glad we get no sequel is the actors, I mean they are all brilliant young actors, Miles Teller, Michael B Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell. I am interested to know how you all feel about no getting a sequel to a bomb of a film, Tweet me, go on Facebook or comment below.


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