Captain America Civil War Trailer Breakdown

Captain America Civil War Trailer Breakdown

This is where I get the excuse to re-watch the Captain America Civil War Trailer and have an excuse for it, so thank you.

Well lets get to it, the trailer starts with the end credit scene of Antman. Cap and Falcon are talking to Bucky who knows more about his past and more about Steve. Cap tell Bucky that there are people coming to get him and they don’t seem like the good guys, which is interesting because they are saying that no one is right or wrong but come on its a Captain America film, and Cap is my favorite so there may be bias but still.


We get some flashes of action just we get in every Marvel trailer and don’t get me wrong I have no problem with it. But we do see Bucky jumping off a building, most likely an government or Avengers building. Then we get our first look at General Thunderbolt Ross who hasn’t been in a Marvel film since The Incredible Hulk in 2008. He will be an antagonist of sorts, being the government man who Tony sides with and goes after Captain America.

Some more action with Cap jumping high in the air to drop kick some military man, oh hell yes I love this, I hope we get a scene like in the Winter Solider on the boat where he just tears up shop. We see an Avengers building with General Thunderbolt Ross talking about how Cap needs to basically stop the destruction caused by the Avengers and then we see a 500 page document named “Sokovia Accords” so with everything that happened in Age of Ultron has affected the world a lot and showed the world that the Avengers cause this destruction.

We hear Black Widow saying that she may have to arrest Cap if he keeps up what he is doing to help Bucky, Tony will be pissed about Bucky bceuase Bucky killed Tony’s parents and now everyone will know that because of the documents getting leaked in the Winter Soldier. Then in comes Tony Stark, we have Tony and Steve talking about fighting and in the background we see Bucky with a gun pointed at Tony.


Tony says that if the heros don’t listen to the limitations then they are just as bad as the villains, so he is on the side with Thunderbolt Ross. Again some more awesome action of Falcon beating down some men.

Black Panther

BOOM, we see part of the fight with Tony and Rhodes stood ready to fight against Cap’s team, then we see Cap’s team of Captain America (obviously) Bucky, Hawkeye and Scarlett Witch, more action again, I have no problem with the action one bit. But then Black Panther happens and he looks like perfection like honestly I love Black Panther and can not wait to see him in this film. Black Panther jumps and straight up kicks Bucky in the face, then Cap is running after Black Panther and Panther is out running Cap, this got me so hyped up, it looks great.


Then Cap becomes Superman and is holding a helicopter while grabbing onto a building. Bucky is then hitting Tony and it looks like he is trying to rip out his arc reactor. Then Cap says “I’m sorry Tony, you know I wouldn’t do this if I had any other choice, but he’s my friend” while he says this we get a flash of Tony holding Rhodes and he is on the ground not moving, maybe be dies? I don’t know, then Tony says “So was I” this is so great yet heartbreaking, like come on it is basically Cap choosing Bucky over Tony, that must kill Tony inside.


Then the scene what made me get hyped more than anything, it is Captain America teaming up with Bucky to give Tony the beating of his life, they just whale down on him and Tony doesn’t stand a chance in the slightest. Tell me what you all think about the trailer and are you excited for the film, Tweet me, go to my Facebook or comment below, thanks.

beat down





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