The fate of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

The fate of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Well at this past Survivor Series PPV, we say Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns. I mean come on we all knew that it would be Roman vs Dean fighting for the title because we all thought they wanted a feud and maybe turn one of them heel. 

Well last week I said to a friend of mine that it will be Roman vs Dean fighting for the title and I said these exact words “I swear to god, I bet Sheamus enters after Roman has won” low and behold look at what happened. It was Roman vs Dean, since starting to watch WWE again I have been a fan of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose so I wanted to either of them to win and when Seth Rollins got injured I knew that Roman would win the title.

Well there I am watching Roman vs Dean and Roman lands his spear after several kick outs and he gets the 3 count on Dean. Ok no suprise there I saw that coming and was actually quite excited to maybe see Roman or Dean go heel. But no in comes Triple H, The Game and Roman spears him, ok wasn’t quite expecting that but then comes a Brogue Kick  and Roman is down, with Sheamus cashing in the Money in the Bank. Please god no I am thinking, not this but then Roman gets up, Come on Roman I am chanting but no another Brogue Kick and Roman is out for the 3 count.

Why, oh god why did you have to let Roman win then lose instantly, no doubt a rivalarly starting here, but I saw it coming and it was just so dissapointing. I don’t know what else to say, I wanted the excited for a heel but WWE went with the safest choice possible. Thanks for reading, tell me what you thought of the fight or the PPV in general, tweet me, go on my Facebook or comment below.




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