Jeffrey Dean Morgan Cast as Negan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Cast as Negan

Now I know this news has been out for a little while, but I have just made the TV section of my blog, so give me this one. The Walking Dead has cast Jeffery Dean Morgan as the villain who everyone should fear Negan.

Negan is a villain who like I have said deserves to be feared and it will be interesting to see how the show use him and if he will be as bad as he is in the comics, will the producers make him worse than the Govenor? we will just have to wait.

Until we finally see what Negan becomes like in the show we can just specualte. I feel like Negan has to be a bigger and worse villain than the Govenor.



Glenn in the comics gets killed by Neegan, he gets beaten to death actually by Negan’s baseball with barbed wire attached, called Lucile. Now what makes this interesting is that Glenn is a questionable position and it is unknown if he lives or not. Will the show bring him back just to kill him again? Will Negan kill someone else? Will Negan even come across as bad? All these questions we have to wait to see if he anything like we are guessing. Tell me what you think of the casting and the character, tweet me, go on Facebook or comment below, thanks.




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