Star Wars Episode III The Revenge of the Sith review

Star Wars Episode III The Revenge of the Sith review

After re watching and reviewing The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones, it only goes up from there, especially Attack of the Clones. As you have seen I am here today to review Episode III The Revenge of the Sith. I am here to give my honest opinion and I talk about the story details.

Before I go on with my review I would like to know how you guys rank the Star Wars films, tweet me or leave a comment below, now that I have that out of the way lets go ahead with the review. The film starts quite quick and gets straight into the action, quite like most of the Star Wars films. Again we see that Anakin has aged slightly and has a scar now, which I can say as kid I wanted to have long hair and a scar across my eye like Anakin. Anakin and Obi Wan have been sent on a mission to rescue the chancellor, who was taken by General Grievous, and they are just above the planet of Coruscant but I am lets be honest, General Grievous is only there to be a proto Vader and is there to sell toys. While it isn’t cannon anymore I like the backstory of Grievous and how he ended up like he did.

space fight

Anyway the two are going to save the chancellor and we get to see that the Jedi have a friendship with the clones, which is delved in to more in the Clone Wars. Anakin and Obi Wan get onto the ship where the chancellor is being held. Some pointless actions happens before we get to something a bit more interesting, they fight some droids, there is some sort of drama I guess with an elevator. Eventually the duo find the chancellor and go to set him free but Count Dooku has came to stop them, they have a bit of back and forth and Obi Wan gets smacked around here, he gets crushed by a platform, A FREAKING PLATFORM, but somehow doesn’t get crippled or anything, OK. We see some water added to the seeds that is Anakin turning to the Dark Side with Count Dooku saying he has hate and anger but he doesn’t use them. Of course Anakin gets the upper hand and cuts off both of Count Dooku’s hands, Anakin hold both his and Dooku’s lightsaber to Dooku’s head. He is saying that he shouldn’t kill him and chancellor Palpatine is saying that he should kill him, obviously to see if Anakin will go that far. What I want to know is why Dooku doesn’t just turn around and says “Hey Anakin, he is the Sith lord, take me prisoner I will tell you anything.” One could argue he was in shock of about to be killed essentially by his master, or hes in shock of his hands being cut off but NO, NO it doesn’t make sense, YOU HEAR ME, it DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!


Anakin kills Dooku and then frees the Chancellor and as they about to leave Anakin goes to help his master of course but Palpatine is saying that it is too late to save him, I’m not going to rant about what Anakin should have done here. Anyway Anakin is carrying Obi Wan on his back, you know what I am just going to skip ahead here, there is more so called drama and stuff. Eventually the group get captured by General Grievous and we see that Grievous takes the lightsabers from the Jedi he has killed, there is a fight that happens and Grievous escapes. way too easily and Anakin has to do a emergency landing with half a ship and we kinda see the pilot who Obi Wan talked about in A New Hope.  So Grievous has escaped and the war will continue until the he is gone, dead or otherwise and Padme is pregnant now. Everything I have explained was the first 30 minuets of the film.


Now we see Grievous on the planet of Utapau and Anakin is having visions of Padme, just like the ones he had of his mother dying and he sees her dying in child birth. I don’t think it is ever actually said but I always wanted to know if Anakin was seeing this because he is that powerful or was Palpatine placing these visions in his head to be able to slowly turn him because Anakin is talking to Palpatine later and he knows what is going on.


Not Long later we get what I honestly say is one of the single best scenes in any Star Wars film, prequel or original trilogy. We have Anakin and Palpatine at the Space Opera. This is the scene where we see Palpatine starting to tempt Anakin by saying that the Sith can stop people from dying and we get the first mention of Darth Plagueis and how his apprentice (Palpatine aka Darth Sidious) killed him. Well until the Force Awakens comes out and we see that Andy Serkis is playing Plagueis, let me dream people. But this is a great scene, honestly even if you hate the film, just YouTube this scene it is worth it.

opera scene

Next we have some honest to god, no reason fighting on Kashyyyk and again for no reason and to make the universe smaller Chewbacca is there, I love Chewy he is the ultimate dog but George Lucas didn’t have to make the universe smaller by doing this, also Yoda is there. Meanwhile on Utapau, Obi Wan has been sent to finish of General Grievous, who has sent all the Trade Federation idiots to the planet Mustafar and we get too see that Grievous has four arms, because reasons. So we have two fight happening simultaneously. I am not going to speak much of these fights, so I will just say that Obi Wan eventually kills General Grievous and has a throwback to A New Hope, because he kills him with a blaster and then says so uncivilized. Another good scene is when Anakin finds out that Palpatine is the Sith lord they have been searching for, now why Anakin doesn’t kill him there and then or take him, I still don’t understand and I have seen the film for 10 years now. Although we do get a great scene of Anakin in the Jedi Temple and Padme at home, both looking towards each other from a distance and all there is the soundtrack playing, it is a great scene and sends shivers down my spine.

obi wan

Dear lord, we then see Mace Windu, Kit Fisto and I honestly don’t know the other two Jedi, I know one of them was in the Clone Wars, but why oh why does the Emperor have a lightsaber and why do all the Jedi die from a scratch on their shoulder. I hate that Kit Fisto was killed so easily, he is a bad ass. I said it in the Attack of the Clone review, but I don’t like the fact that Yoda and the Emperor have lightsabers, I mean it makes sense but I wanted the all mighty Jedi Master Yoda who said that wars do not make one great and that Luke didn’t need a lightsaber when going in the cave. The Emperor who tried to slowly kill Luke with the Lightning, who didn’t need a lightsaber to attack him but just the force. Anyway it comes down to Mace Windu and Palpatine fighting, Palpatine tries to shoot lightning at Mace Windu who is deflecting it back onto him, causing him to look a lot older thus the look of the classic Emperor. Anakin comes along and has a fit and cuts off Mace’s hand and the Emperor kills him. I never understood this scene, Anakin just suddenly decides, oh well I did one thing wrong, I guess I will just become a Sith now, I mean I couldn’t just kill Palpatine now and it will be done with. Also the way he gets the name is actually stupid, From hence forth you shall be known as Darth … Vader, like really one of the biggest badasses to ever be on the screen got his name in a through away line.


I will admit I actually like the scene of execute Order 66, so all the Clone Troopers are now killing the Jedi, we see Commander Cody, who is one of my favorite Clone Troopers, tries to kill Obi Wan, obviously he doesn’t. I would have liked to seen more of this but I am quite upset that some of these Jedi who are developed great in Clone Wars and other Material, like Plo Koon or Aayla Secura. Of course some clones try to kill Yoda but he kills them. Then we get the march on the Jedi Temple, by Lord Vader and a lot of Clone Troopers. The music is amazing in this scene, but I just want to say, WHY on earth does Anakin go and kill the younglings, while the Clone Troopers are killing all the Jedi, it just never ever made any sense to me at all. Oh yeah Yoda makes it off Kashyyyk, not much else to say.

order 66

Yoda, Obi Wan and Bail Organa all meet up and decide that what they must do is go to the Jedi Temple and turn off the emergency signal that is calling all the Jedi back to the temple, in case they haven’t been killed yet. They get to the temple and Yoda already knows who has done all of this but hasn’t told Obi Wan yet and leaves him to find out on a hologram of the Emperor saying he is his new apprentice and Anakin killing Jedi. Obi Wan must go kill Anakin and Yoda goes to kill the Emperor. But of course Obi Wan doesn’t feel like he can kill him.


Next we see Obi Wan goes to tell Padme that Anakin that he has turned to the dark side and that he knows that Anakin is father to her child, or twins as we find out later.  Now we see Anakin on Mustafar and he slaughters all of the Trade Federation idiots, and we get a great scene of him doing it but the best is when one is in the back of the frame and Anakin turns to face us and we see he has pure yellow eyes, it is great.


Padme has went to see Anakin, but before her ship left Obi Wan got on the ship, knowing what she will do next and low to behold she does go to see him. She goes to speak to him and while talking to him she is seeing that he has turned and he is gone, but Obi Wan walks into the frame and Anakin starts going crazy. In a fit of anger he Force Chokes her and we get a back and forth with Anakin and Obi Wan, saying why they have done what they have, so on and so forth. One thing I need to is that Obi Wan says “Only  Sith deals in absolutes”, which in case you never noticed that in and of its self is an absolute. Yoda goes to confront the Emperor and they also fight. I am not going to sit here and explain both of the fights scene by scene, except I will skip towards the fight and talk about the ending of them.


Basically Obi Wan beats Anakin in one of stupidest ways possible, honestly but that has been ranted on about enough and Yoda gets beaten by the Emperor. Obi Wan leave Anakin burning with no legs and only one arm, which is already a robotic arm and he takes his lightsaber, obviously showing you how he got the lightsaber to give to Luke. The Emperor goes to find Anakin and he does, burnt like a chip and with one arm, probably not what the Emperor was hoping to find. Padme has went into labor has is giving birth, here we find out that she is having twins, she calls them Luke and Leia. Bail Organa says that he will take the daughter, I always loved how screwed over Luke gets, I mean come on Leia gets to go and live life as a princess and be get overhung she wants and Luke has to go be a moisture farmer and can’t even go to the power station to pick up some power converters, I respect you if you understand that reference. Also we see that Yoda has been communicating with Qui Gon Jin, learning how to become one with the force and a Force Ghost and he teaches Obi Wan how to communicate with him.


We see the birth of Darth Vader as we know him, he stands tall and the forever beast of a voice from James Earl Jones. Also Obi Wan goes and becomes a hermit to protect Luke. I must say Obi Wan aged terribly on Tatooine, 19 years later and he become Sir Alec Guinness.


As much as it seems I have hated on this film, I actually enjoy this the most of three and I will be honest half of the time I enjoy this film more than The Return of the Jedi, just saying. Honestly re watching this film, I would say it is entertaining and it has some brilliant stand out scenes they just deserve to be a much better film. I would give this film a 7.5 out of 10, it is enjoyable for Star Wars fans if for no other reasons then the nods towards the original trilogy and the fact that after this film takes place the original film. I hope you have enjoyed this review and I hope to see you all again.  Always Remember Fears leads to Anger, Anger leads to Hate and Hate leads to suffering.


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