New X-men Film set for 2018 with Brian Singer returning

New X-men Film set for 2018 with Brian Singer returning

Well for the first time I am talking about a Fox comic book film on here. I am a massive fan of the X-men franchise, I can not wait for Apocalypse, I mean why not be excited I really liked X-men, X2 is one of the best comic book films and Days of Future Past was a brilliant film, so why not get excited for Brian Singer returning again.

I must warn this is not an official announcement from Fox or Brian Singer but it was reported by Le Journal De Montreal, this is the same source that stated correctly that Brian Singer and the cast and crew would be going to Montreal to film pick ups. So if they are saying that Singer and another X-men film will be filmed in Montreal then I give them some credence.


Now while I believe that staying on a franchise for too long can drain almost any director, so I want to see how Brian Singer delivers with Apocalypse. How good Apocalypse is determines just how excited I get for the next film in the franchise.

I am very interested to see where the story goes after Apocalypse, who the villain will be? Will Deadpool have some crossover? Will Gambit get involved? Will cast like Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender or James McAvoy? Why am I asking so many questions?

Anyway I would like to know how you guys feel about Brian Singer returning again and what you think about another X-men film, comment, tweet me or go like my Facebook page, thanks and I hope to see you all again.

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