Batman v Superman shirts debut online

Batman v Superman shirts debut online

I am extremely excited for Batman v Superman Dawn of justice, it is my second most anticipated film of all time, Star Wars is first. I have been waiting years for a Batman v Superman film and the fact that we are finally getting one still hasn’t hit me yet. But I’m here to talk about the shirts.

These shirts don’t really offer much in terms of story apart from what we already know that some of the world hate Superman and want to get rid of him and that Batman is seen as a demon with the fact that he brands the criminals who he gets. These shirts look very good and I wouldn’t mind having my hands on one or two of them. This all goes into the marketing of the film, the marketing for this film will come into storm about mid January time, because the studios will know if they release anything in December time, especially early to mid December with the release of Star Wars.

The I think we will get another trailer by the end of the year and I also believe that the Producer Charles Roven has said we will see more footage by the end of the year. So I can not wait for the release of any new footage. The films release date is March 25th 2016, thanks for reading the post and I hope to see you all again.


bvs 2

bvs 3

bvs 4


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