First Picture of Chris Pine on the set of Wonder Woman

First Picture of Chris Pine on the set of Wonder Woman

While I am extremely exited for Suicide Squad (mostly for Leto’s Joker) and I have waited literally years of my life for Batman v Superman. Wonder Woman has me very excited and while I reserve judgement on Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, I can’t wait for the film and it has just begun filming.

The film is rumored to take place in World War 2 or maybe even the 50s, and that looks like it may be true from the image that we have seen of Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. I think it was a safe assumption that Chris Pine would be playing Steve Trevor. Next year will be a big year for DC and showing us fans how they will be able to hold their own against Marvel, because while we know that Batman v Superman will make truck loads of money, we need to see how well Suicide Squad will do and that will help determine if the DC universe will be able to stand and hold their own.

Everyone is looking at DC to see how they do with Wonder Woman and to see if the general audience will go out and see a female lead superhero film. In the same year as Wonder Woman we are getting the first part of Justice League (which I can’t wait for). The film is due to be released June 23rd 2017, with Justice League being released November 16th 2017. Thanks for checking out this post, hope to see you again soon.


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