60 Second Star Wars Trailer Released!

There has been yet another Star Wars trailer and it is filled with a lot of new footage. I am going to be mini breakdown over on the trailer section of the blog, so check that out. 

Ok well there has been a new 60 second trailer released online, I remember back a mere 3 weeks ago when J.J said that there would be no more trailers after the last trailer. Now I know how it all works and that you need international trailers and TV spots but there are completely new. Since then we had a Japanese International trailer and a TV spot. Now I could complain all I want but I am a sucker who will watch all the new footage over and over again. I mean come on I woke up and 5am to watch the new trailer, I love Star Wars. This is a great trailer and there is one part in particular where I will be talking about for a while in my breakdown. The trailer is below if you want to see it, thanks and I hope you come and check out my breakdown of the trailer.



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