60 Second Star Wars Trailer Breakdown

Well here is my breakdown of the newest Star Wars the Force Awakens Trailer. I have done breakdowns before for my Youtube channel so I have an idea what to do, trust me.

The trailer begins with Rey and BB8 walking on the planet Jakku, we saw this spot in one the last trailers, no dialogue yet. Next we see the scene what we saw in the final trailer with a ship leaving the planet Jakku and Rey looking off into the distance and Maz Kanata saying “who are you”, just like in the final trailer and Rey replying “I’m no one” again like in the final trailer. But then we have new footage of Finn walking and looking slightly confused about something, more than likely seeing something  off in the distance, then we see Finn, Rey and BB8 running out of a hut and there are TIE fighters attacking, they are looking for Finn because he left the first order and stole a TIE, and crashed it on Jakku. But one of the TIE fighters shoot the hut and it blows up causing the three of them to get knocked forward and BB8 goes quite far.

Next we see Rey and Finn and Rey holds her hand out for Finn and she says “come with me”, I think the line is taken from another part of the film but she holds her hand out after the TIE fighter to help him get up. Here we see Kylo Ren stood saying “Nothing will stand in our way, I will show them, the darkside” while he is saying this we see the First Order attacking a planet and Captain Phasma walking looking like a bad ass, then as he says “the darkside” we see Kylo Ren ignite his lightsaber and about to attack someone, it looks like an execution.

Then we see Finn take his Stormtrooper helmet off and I guess that this is after the scene where the First Order attack and he saw some innocent people die and doesn’t want to be part of it anymore. Now we see Finn flying off in a TIE fighter trying to escape from the ship, and it is tied to something, maybe it was getting refuled, I don’t know, but he escapes and flies away, but from the final trailer we see that he gets shot down and crash lands on Jakuu.

Rey says “what’s your name” and we see she is talking to Finn and he replies “Finn, whats yours?” and she replies “I’m Rey” they are having this conversation while on the Milenium Falcon, so this suggests that they don’t get to know eachother much before the TIE fighters attack. While they are having this conversation we see Max Kanata’s hideout (the place with all of the flags outside). It looks like she has been around for a while and some of the flags out front of her base is obvious Mandalorian symbol, Sebulba’s flag (Episode I – Podracing scene) and Anakin’s flag (Episode I – Podracing scene), as you can see below.


Mandalorian Symbol


Sebulba’s podracing flag (sorry for quality)


Anakin’s Podracing Flag (Sorry for the quality)

Next we see BB8 pop his head if that is what you can call it, around the corner from inside of the Falcon, then we see Rey looking up seeing the First Order and all of their ships looking like they are getting ready to attack. Here we see the First Order Stormtroopers gearing up to attack or defend from the X-wings coming towards them. Now we see Han Solo saying to Rey “You might need this” handing her a blaster, which is the same one we saw in the last trailer, she is shooting it while it looks like she is crying, it just looks and feels like Han Solo again, he is back baby.

Here we see more of the Falcon escaping from the TIE fighters on Jakuu, going through the Super Star Destroyer. Rey then runs and picks up her staff, this is a very important staff, whether it is Darth Plagueis’s staff or not it is very important she has had it in almost every single piece of footage that we have seen of Rey. Then we get a quick flash of Finn just after the scene in the final trailer where Oscar Isaacs’s Poe Dameron puts his hand on him. Next we see Rey walking down some old stairs and BB8 is in the background going down the stairs also. Now this is the scene what instantly caught my attention, and that is because we see that is like the planning room, just like in a New Hope or Return of the Jedi, it is like that. Han Solo is to the left, General Leia is in the Middle with her back facing us, to the right we see C3P0 with his new red arm and next to him ever so slightly is Admiral Ackbar, I can’t wait to see this scene with them all together, notice there is no R2D2 that is because I think he is off with Luke where ever he is. Below is the pic of C3P0 and Admiral Ackbar.


Then we see a X-wing attacking a TIE fighter in the same place as where the Stormtroopers where getting ready to attack. Next we see a very exciting and interesting shot, we see Finn attacking what looks like a stormtrooper with a blue lightsaber, which is Anakin’s and Luke’s old lightsaber but we see the Stormtrooper blocking the attack with a staff, looking a lot like one of the staff’s from General Gervious’s Bodyguards (Magnaguard). Then we see Han and Chewy about to attack in the same place where the Stormtroopers are attacking. A quick flash of Kylo Ren using the force and then the shot of the forest and more than likely the world being destroyed. Then back to Jakku with Rey attacking someone, maybe they are trying to take the staff from her and she hits them with it. Then a shot of X-wings attacking whats looks like Starkiller base.


That is it for the trailer, I really like the trailer, I hope you enjoyed the breakdown of the trailer, thanks and I hope to see you all again. Here is the trailer in it’s full glory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6HN9soeGa8


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