Star Wars The Force Awakens destroys all pre-movie sales records

Star Wars The Force Awakens destroys all pre-movie sales records

Star Wars the Force Awakens continues to break more and more records and it has broken some more.

Everyone is on a Star Wars high right now, it has been everywhere you look. This film is absolutely crushing, it broke the record for the most amount of views on a trailer in a day and it broke that record in 12 hours. Now it has broken even more records. Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises and Hunger Games Mockingjay Part One has sold around $1 million in IMAX advanced ticket sales, be prepared Star Wars the Force Awakens has sold around $6.5 million, that is smashing the record, I don’t see this record being broken anytime soon, even if the Force Awakens is amazing (which I hope it is.) But that isn’t only the record breaking this film has done, according Fandango the Force Awakens has beat the previous opening day pre-sale record, held by Hunger Games Mockingjay Part One, and the Force Awakens has beaten that record by 8 times. AMC, also have claimed that the Force Awakens beat their previous single day ticket sales by 10x more.


Experts are saying that the Force Awakens will make north of $250 million on the opening weekend that is massive, Jurassic World beat the record of opening weekend earlier on in the year but this film looks like it will demolish that record. Lots of experts were saying that the Force Awakens, will beat the last opening weekend in December which was $86 million, now of course Star Wars will smash this record but everyone is now saying that the Force Awakens will make north of $250 million. Tickets for this film are being scalped online for the opening night at the Chinese for $2500, this doesn’t happen for films. Websites have crashed because of everyone trying to buy a ticket online as soon as possible.

milenium falcon

People are debating if episode 8 may equal or break the record, now while I feel like it won’t even equal the Force Awakens, but even if it does there is no way in hell episode 8 can beat the record by 10x or 8x more, this won’t happen again in our lifetimes, so remember this moment. I mean I have booked my first day tickets for me and my family, I am going to book more tickets, this film will become the film I watch the most times in the Cinemas. Thanks for reading this post, hope to see you all next time.


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