Star Wars the Force Awakens trailer finally here !

It has finally arrived, the brand new Star Wars the Force Awakens trailer has finally arrived. It was rumored that the new trailer would be dropped on Monday the 19th of October and the rumors turned out to be true. I live in the UK so the trailer dropped at about 4am Tuesday morning, so as you can imagine I woke up fairly early to watch the trailer as many times over and over again. I am not exagerating, it is 2pm while I type this up on Tuesday the 20th of October, I have seen the trailer almost 50 times, I have watched it over and over again, from the trailer to reactions of the trailer.

The trailer is amazing, I would honestly say that it is the best trailer out of the three, now while I would say the best moment in any of the trailers is, “Chewy were home” as said by Han Solo. This trailer gave us a lot of information while also giving us nothing. There is plenty in this trailer for me to talk to, I am going to be giving a breakdown of the trailer, so beware they could be some spoilers, while I am speculating there could be a possibility of spoilers.

Here is the trailer: 

Now I am going to speculate, I am going to start from the begging of the trailer and go from there. The trailer starts with Daisey Ridley’s Rey, scavenging through the Super Star Destroyer, it looks like she may find something that may get her some bad attention, maybe she already has it, because she already has the staff, that is looking more and more like it is Darth Plagueis’s staff. The Super Star Destroyer looks massive, especially since she is the only thing living in there. “Who are you?” is asked and then Rey replied with “I’m no one” this makes me think that maybe she is hiding out and doesn’t want anyone to know anything about her, maybe because of her heritage, I am stuck between thinking she is either Han’s daughter or Luke’s, but either way I am fairly certain she is a Skywalker.

Next we have the First Order meeting, this time we get a better view of what is going on, rather than the last trailer, it looks like General Hux is giving a speech of some sort, it looks very Nazi like. “I was raised to do one thing” “I’ve got nothing to fight for” John Boyega’s Finn says these lines, his armor is covered in blood, my guess is that he sees some inocents killed and that is why his armor has blood and so he decided to abandon the First Order, this is where I am speculating that Gwendoline Christie’s Captain Phasma is sent to hunt him down. While there voice over from Finn we see a Tie Fighter crashing down towards to a planet, I do believe that this is Finn crashing down to Jakku.

Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren is next with of course a lens fare in the background, has to be one in a J.J.Abrams films. We hear “Nothing will stand in our way” Kylo says this is an awesome voice, it sounds great, he is looking very menacing, then”I will finish what you started” he says this while looking at the burnt Darth Vader mask, it looks, Kylo Ren is obsessed with the sith, espically Darth Vader, plus it would make sense if he is the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia, making Darth Vader’s grandson. Next we see Kylo Ren torturing Oscar Issacc’s Poe Dameron, we see that he is using the force to torture him, this is interesting because Darth Vader used droids to torture people. Then we see a large Red laser firing on a planet and it seems destroy everything in sight, now I don’t know whether this actually happened or if it was all in Poe’s head with Kylo making him see it, possibly it is Yavin 4, where Poe is rumored to be from.

“There were stories about what happened” Rey says this, I want to know what she is talking about, maybe what happened with the end of the empire?, the Jedi and the Sith? what has happened in the 30 years since we were last in this galaxy. Then we see Han Solo saying “It’s true, all of it” while stood in the Millennium Falcon but I want to know more about what they are talking about. Speaking of the Millennium Falcon we see the old beauty going into hyperspace, but from a new sort of a camera angle we haven’t seen in Star Wars yet. Next maybe my favorite part of the trailer, it is the Knights of Ren all stood together, notice only Kylo has a Lightsaber but they all look badass. Also notice they are surrounded by dead bodies, I don’t think these are people who you want to mess with, as well some of the cast of the Raid 2 were cast in the film, I would be willing to bet money that they are playing some of the Knights of Ren.

Next we see some troopers about to be attacked by X-Wings, I believe this is a carry on from a shot later on in the trailer, where Han, Chewy and Finn have their hands on their heads but they look off in the distance and start to put their hands down. “The Darkside, The Jedi, They’re real” notice how he has to tell them they are real, are the Jedi and the dark side or the force in general a myth a past memory. Also I like how Han Solo is saying this, when back in A New Hope he said that he doesn’t believe in the Force and nothing it in charge of his destiny. It is also interesting that he says the Darkside and not Sith, I do assume that the knights of the Ren are the new Sith, there are no longer sith, apart from maybe Supreme Leader Snoke. Then there is some beautiful dog fighting going on.

Then we see a building that is belonging to Maz Kanata, she is a pirate, I believe that this is Lupita Nyong’o’s character, also a new little easter egg is in the center of the frame, up straight up there is a lot of flags but one in particular is the Mandalorian symbol. Rey is crying over a body, this is what people have guess is Chewy’s body, I will actually cry if this happens, you can’t kill the family dog, DON’T KILL CHEWY, PLEASE!.

“The force it is calling out to you, just let it in” is said during the last few seconds of the trailer. There is a dog fight on the ice planet, it is opening up, this leads me to believe that this is Starkiller Base, basically the new Death Star for lack of better words. Another big character is Leia, she appears in this trailer, hugging Han, now maybe, they just found their child, maybe it is because Chewy is dead, maybe they haven’t seen each other for a long time, I honestly don’t know if they are still together at this point. The trailer ends with Finn vs Kylo Ren, they both have their lightsabers ignited, about to go at it, Finn looks terrified, but Kylo doesn’t have his mask on anymore, so that is quite interesting.

That is all from the trailer and a bit of breakdown of the trailer, I hope you enjoyed the trailer, thank you and hope to see you call soon.


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