New Star Wars the Force Awakens Trailer coming very soon?

Again there is a new trailer rumor and this time it is for the highly anticipated Star Wars the Force Awakens. Now like I have said this is a rumor so take it with a grain of salt but the new Star Wars the Force Awakens is apparently going to be released on Monday the 19th of October.

kylo ren

I personally actually believe this rumor, now before people tear me up, let me say why I think the rumor is true. My first point for why I think it is real is that Star Wars Rebels has just started its second season, obviously people are already in the Star Wars mood, I mean come I have been in the Star Wars mood my whole life but, the season has just started again. Disney is genius at marketing, they are a marketing machine so nothing they do is a coincidence.

J.J Abrams, the director of the film said at Comic Con that the next trailer for The Force Awakens will be released in the fall and guess what, you guessed right, we are now in the fall, we are only 19 weeks away from the release of the film, it is about time we got a first trailer, because don’t forget the other two trailers were teasers, we still know next to nothing about the plot of this film.

Another reason that this could be true is that the presales (ticket booking) for The Force Awakens is going to be around this date, you and I know that the pre sales for The Force Awakens will be sold out quickly, because they are not going to release all of the pre sales at once., they will release only a few and so when the trailer hits they will be able to say, the fastest ever booking Pre Sales, also at the end of the trailer they will say go book your tickets now.

milenium falcon

So this is why I believe will be released on this day, it makes sense from a marketing stand point, plus it is about time we got a full length trailer, thanks for reading this, I hope it was helpful, hope to see you all again soon.


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