3 new Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Trailers coming?

This is a huge rumor, so take this with a grain of salt but it is rumored that we will be getting 3 new Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice trailers coming soon.

bvs logo

Right ok, if you have carried on reading then you obviously want to know. First there is going to be 2 trailers dropping on the same day, on Monday the 16th of October. Both Gotham and Supergirl will be on at the same time, Gotham on Fox and Supergirl on CBS. Apparently we are getting a Batman oriented trailer during Gotham, the showing being an origin of shorts for Batman and a Superman oriented trailer during Supergirl again being about the niece of Superman, both trailers are rumored to be around the One minuet mark.

Then after both trailers have been released we are also going to get another full length trailer featuring the both of them, like the trailer we got at Comic Con. I personally believe that this rumor isn’t true but let’s entertain it for a second, I think if it were to be true then it is actually quite genius and great marketing (the One minuet trailers), it makes sense have a Batman trailer on Gotham and Superman on Supergirl. You have the audience already there and adding a trailer can only help, maybe bring some more attention to the T.V Shows. Now the full length trailer, I don’t like this idea as much, now don’t get me wrong the more I get the better and I will watch the trailer quite religiously but we are still 5 months away from the actual film, I think we would get a second trailer around about the end of November time, then a final full trailer in January early February. Like I said if we get a trailer soon I will not be complaining in the slightest.

Since I never had this blog when the Batman v Superman trailer came out, I will give my quick thoughts on the trailer, I will be doing another post on trailer and some thought I have but here is a quick run down. I love this trailer, it is honestly one of the best trailers I have seen in the last few years, it give some story points, but not too many (Amazing Spiderman 2), showing us motivation behind why Batman would go after Superman, Some Lex Luthor action and some of his ideas, also a quick tease of Wonder Woman, that is all I will say about the trailer in this post, hope I told you all everything you wanted to know, thank you and hope to see you all back soon.


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